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At the very young age of four, Vishvak Prakkruth began his journey as a child actor, and eventually voyaged into independent film-making. Vishvak has spent most of his life around cameras and lights, throwing himself into various forms of expression, from music and theater to writing and photography.

In 2013, after co-founding a digital production company in Mumbai, Vishvak went on to direct and shoot a large body of work, including commercials, short films, and music videos for various artists from across the globe.


Since moving to New York in 2017, Vishvak has directed multiple short films and music videos. He has also worked as a cinematographer and camera operator on various projects. 


In 2019 Vishvak wrote and directed his first indie feature film "Heartbreak Hotel", a comedy/drama set in New York City,  


Vishvak's initiatives also include a collection of microfilms and a parody-music YouTube channel.


He has also actively been following his passion for photography and shoots portraits that can be found on his Instagram.

Vishvak's work hopes to inspire at least one person with every project and touch them in some way.

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